Philippine dengue surveillance report 2012

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To keep you posted on dengue cases in the Philippines, I uploaded here the Department of Health‘s (DOH) Dengue Surveillance Report 2012.

Through this report you can catch up how dengue is going this year (2012) compared to last year, its trend, geographic distribution, profile of cases, mortality rate and many more.

This page is updated every week depending on the availability of the report. So keep visiting this page to catch for the freshest dengue reports in the Philippines.

Dengue mosquito aedes albopictus

Note: To open the report (document) click on appropriate week number you like to view.

  1. Dengue surveillance report week 5 as of February 4 2012
  2. Dengue surveillance report week 6 as of February 11 2012
  3. Dengue surveillance report week 7 as of February 18 2012
  4. Dengue surveillance report week 9 as of March 3 2012
  5. Dengue surveillance report week 10 as of March 10 2012
  6. Dengue surveillance report week 17 as of April 28 2012
  7. Dengue surveillance report week 18 as of May 5 2012
  8. Dengue surveillance report week 19 as of May 12 2012
  9. Dengue surveillance report week 20 as of May 20 2012

Here are the latest dengue surveillance report from the Department of Health (DOH)

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You can also visit the DOH website to get these reports at CLICK HERE

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3 thoughts on “Philippine dengue surveillance report 2012

  1. mon

    Maybe the DOH became busy on doing other things and overlooked to update their website but these reports are still from DOH naman.
    BTW, Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. shing

    Hi Mon. You did a good job on keeping us updated on the status of Dengue in our country. Keep up the good work. Can u please contact me at my email address? Just want to discuss something related with Dengue in the Philippines. Thanks and God bless.

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