Tips to help you stay healthy and fit


In this day and age of rising obesity rates and fast food places almost everywhere you look, some people are taking the steps to decrease their risks of obesity by discovering ways to become healthier. Although some people have this desire, they lack the knowledge of how or what it takes to get there.

Below are some tips to help you stay healthy and physically fit.

  1. Start Becoming Mobile: Being active is one of the main ingredients to becoming fit and healthy. To start moving more, you can begin by walking around your local park or down your block for at least 15 minutes a day, or at least three times a week. You can even join your local gym and attend classes like step aerobics and cycling, which will get your heart pumping. Lifting weights will also get you fit and healthy by helping your body’s metabolism fire up, burning fat and adding strong muscle in the process.
  1. Eat Healthier, High Quality Foods: Let’s face it. You are what you eat – literally. If you eat food of reduced value, chances are your health will be of poor quality as well. To achieve a healthier body, start incorporating more fruits, such as mangos, bananas, oranges, kiwis and apples. You can also include vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, squash, spinach and carrots. Lean meats, like lean chicken, turkey and venison are also a great way to include protein and essential vitamins into your daily diet. If you are not able to include all of these types of foods a good multivitamin can help fill in the nutritional gaps. Also, be wary of saturated fats in red meats, but be sure to boost your intake of unsaturated fats, which you can find in safflower oil, olive oil, sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds.
  1. Drink More H20: When attempting to become healthier you will need to drink more water than you may normally do. Why drink more water? Well, water assists in the transport of vital nutrients to your organs and tissues and also helps you stay hydrated. Shoot for at least 8 glasses per day for your daily dose of hydration. But this is one place where you can think “the more the merrier”.
  1. Gain A Healthier Outlook: One way to become fit and healthy is from the inside, out. Let go of self-doubt and learn to ease your stress. Use meditation, painting, yoga or even reading to curb ill feelings or depressed moods. By strengthening the health of your mind, you’ll find that your body will follow suit.

This article is a guest post by John Anderson of Primal Muscle.