How to protect yourself from infectious diseases

Proper hand washing techniques

With our changing seasons, it is perhaps time to take precautions against all infectious diseases. These may be caused by bacteria, viruses or other organisms and may enter the body through a variety of methods. The can be passed from one person to another or may spread through impure water.

These are few steps to keep yourself and your family safe from all kinds of diseases:

  1. Practice daily hygiene habits:  In any aspect of life, cleanliness is very important not only to free ourselves from sources of diseases but to maintain healthy and productive lives. Practicing daily hygienic habits is a must and should start with in you (ourselves). Wear clean clothes and sweep off any unwanted or rotten stuff, washing hands before eating, bathing daily and proper use of sanitary items.
  2. Cover mouth when coughing:  Germs can spread through coughing or sneezing. So every time you cough or sneeze remember to cover your mouth. Dispose used napkins, wash your hands and dry them properly. If you don’t feel good, it’s best to stay at home and rest
  3. Have safe drinking water: Many of the diseases spread because impure water consumption. If you’re not sure of your drinking water, boil it. This somehow kills unwanted contaminants that eventually harm you. You can also use water ionizers to purify your drinking water before consumption.
  4. Be immunized: If you are entitled to any immunizations do not forget to keep them up to date. It is probably the most effective way to stay away from infectious diseases like chicken pox and seasonal flu. Get the vaccines recommended by your doctor on time to avoid any of such diseases.
  5. Sanitize and clean your tools: Our tools, laptops, telephones, etc may carry germs causing diseases. To keep away from these, use alcohol based wipes or other sanitizers to disinfect them. Frequently using unsanitized tools may increased your risk of getting infected with the diseases.
  6. Eat Healthy – Boost your immunity by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.