Tips: What people should know before getting a franchise business

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There are about 3,000 franchise operators in the United States of America. If your planning to get one, you must take a look on some information you should know such as the background of the business, the prices of entering the company, appropriate legal obligations on both sides, statistics on franchisee performance, and audited financial statements.

This info is typically compiled in a Franchise Disclosure Document, formerly known as an Uniform Franchise Offering Circular. Request any franchise outfit you’re interested in to supply you with their FDD and read it carefully. Do not stop there, however: Purchasing a franchise is a leading investment-somewhere between $35,000 and $1 million, conditioned upon the type so you can’t purely rely on just what a franchisor lets you know. Do your own research.

Start with evaluating what you’re great at and what you want to do. In case you are not a people person, owning a franchise that employs dozens of workers will probably be considered a poor fit. In the event that that you don’t like ice cream, investing in a BaskinRobbins (DNKN) is probably not for you. “Business ownership is perhaps not easy. It’s a challenge for a lot of folks, especially individuals who’ve result from employed as a worker in a structured environment,” says Jeff Dudan, chief executive of AdvantaClean, a Huntersville (N.C.) business that has 90 franchisees cleaning up water damage and mold in 27 states. And you ought to feel comfortable being aligned with that brand’s vision and values.”

These folks may help prospective franchisees like you assess your personal skills and save you time by narrowing down your best choices with regards to price, industry, and business opportunity-and they will not charge you.

However, you should ask any franchise consultants you contact how they are going to consider your interests, and how they’re paid, how many franchisors they represent. You wish to prevent being steered into an expensive kit because your adviser gets a larger fee from that franchisor, for example, and also you do not want to pay an increased franchise fee to cover a broker’s commission, if you don’t’ve consented to that upfront.

Along with buying in to an established brand and benefiting from shared marketing and promotion, among the primary advantages of owning a franchise over starting an independent business could be the support offered. Speak with existing franchisees about what class of training they got before they opened and what group of online and offline learning opportunities their franchisor offers, indicates Shelly Sun, cofounder and CEO of BrightStar Care, an Illinois-based franchised home-care staffing service.

Don’t limit your-self to several conversations-draw up as many comprehensive questions because you can think of and speak to as many franchisees as possible, seeing a few in person if you can. Ask the franchisor about franchisees who have left the system and see if you would track some down and consult with them. It really can be especially enlightening to talk to terminated franchisees. Of course, take what they have to say understanding that lots of times when people fail at some thing, they are fast to blame anybody but themselves.

Even though both new and established franchises are sold by her, she often recommends buying present locations from retiring franchisees as they have continuing income and loyal clients. “In most cases, startup businesses and new franchisees will operate in the red for three to five years, spending a tremendous amount for stock, furnishings, equipment, signage, hiring–without any cash to arrive,” Seiler-Tucker says. “In most circumstances, you are able to purchase an existing franchise location for less cost or for precisely the same price, and it has many years’ worth of established clients and money to arrive from day one.”

“Tell them what you found out, what sort of cash you’re putting in, then listen to their own advice. Often times, people who want to buy are so anxious to enter their own business, they aren’t objective about any of it.” A failure results in a large financial loss and occasionally a costly legal dispute with the franchisor, he says.

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