Marijuana trade is now legal in Uruguay

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Photo by Robin Wilkey
Photo by Robin Wilkey

Despite warning from the country’s professional groups on the dangerous effects of marijuana (also known as cannabis), the Uruguay government legalize the trade of marijuana – a news broke yesterday.

Although there were mixed opinions, Uruguay President Jose Mujica said to reporters that the main purpose of legalizing marijuana is not to promote its use but to push out organized crime denying profits from illegal marijuana trade.

Marijuana is claimed to have many medicinal uses. It contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for the treatment of weight loss or appetite loss due to AIDS and for nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy. Marijuana is a good source of cannabinoid similar to codeine for treatment of pain. It is also used for glaucoma, appetite stimulation, mucous membrane inflammation, leprosy, fever, dandruff, hemorrhoids, obesity, asthma, urinary tract infections, cough, anorexia and multiple sclerosis.

However, abuse on marijuana use may lead to mental illnesses and drug addiction. Protesters also point out that marijuana use may impact school youths leading to increase in drop outs.

Uruguay is the first country to approve marijuana trade in the world.

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