Pearl of the King: Biggest pearl ever discovered

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Poster by Crown Regency Hotel
Poster by Crown Regency Hotel

The largest and most precious pearl in the world is found in the Philippines.

Indeed Philippines is the pearl of the orient seas, the island of beauty and hidden treasures.

No wonder when I’ve heard the news about the largest pearl in the world is in the Philippines, hailed as “Pearl of the King,” a 9-kilogram pearl was found from the Giant Clam Tridacna in the warm waters of Palawan by the ancestors and owners of the Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts.

The Pearl of the King is set to be examined by a group of gemologists from the Guinness Book of World Records who will arrive in the Philippines on 19 December 2013 and expected to be officially introduced to the public at the Crown Regency Resorts & Convention Center’s Oceanarium.

The Pearl of the King is described by its owner as a beautiful gemlike, resilient, and iridescent. It gives off a colorful bright glow when light passes through its translucent exterior. The pearl weighs an astonishing 9 kilograms and measures 18 inches in diameter.

The closest comparison to the Pearl of the King is the famous Pearl of Allah, also known as the “Pearl of Lao Tzu”. It was discovered in May 7, 1934 by a diver in a giant clam off the shore of Brooke’s Point, Palawan, Philippines. The pearl resembled a turbaned head. It is sized 24 centimeters in diameter (9.45 inches) and weighs 6.4 kilograms (14.1 lb). The pearl becomes world’s most valuable pearl and current title holder of Guinness

Book of World Records as the largest pearl ever discovered. This pearl was appraised at $60,000,000 (1982) and $93,000,000 (2007).

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