Smart phone’s selfie photo tells cholesterol level

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“Picture, picture! Take a selfie photo and you will know your cholesterol level.”

A new smart phone device and application are developed to accurately assess user’s cholesterol level in just a minute by simply taking a selfie photo.

The device called Smart phone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics, or Smart CARD is developed by group of engineers from Cornell which employs smart phone’s camera to read cholesterol levels.

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In a published journal, David Erickson, Cornell associate professor of mechanical engineering and senior author of the peer-reviewed study said that Smart phones have the potential to address health issues by eliminating the need for specialized equipment which is expensive, not user friendly and has inability to easily store and process results.”

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How it works

The new developed technology optically detects biomarkers in a drop of blood, sweat or saliva, and uses color patterns to analyze the results.

When a user puts a drop of blood on the cholesterol test strip, it processes the blood through separation steps and chemical reactions. The strip is then ready for colorimetric analysis by the smart phone application.

The smart CARD accessory – which looks somewhat like a smart phone credit card reader – clamps over the phone’s camera. Its built-in flash provides uniform, diffused light to illuminate the test strip that fits into the smart CARD reader. The application in the phone calibrates the hue saturation to the image’s color values on the cholesterol test strip, and the results appear on the smart phone screen.

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