Switch ON and OFF your home appliances now possible with your smart phone

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With the advent of wireless system plus the evolution of smart phone’s android applications, invaluable innovations arrive almost every month.

4e74f03b27ed0b14b18ea875a4d43534_largeJust like the new power strip system that controls and monitors home appliances via smart phone. Although the system is still in its early stages of development, creator Roger Yiu launched the Smart Power Strip on Kickstarter.

With its built-in Wi-Fi, the Smart Power Strip allows users to remotely control plugged-in home appliances via Android applications in smart phone. Users can remotely switch an appliance on or off. Other app functions include programming a timer to turn the appliance automatically on and off at a certain time, setting up a push notification reminder when appliances have been on for too long, and monitoring the specific energy consumption of each electronic devices.

857bdf8d2eb44c71adae6cc0379838f3_large4b9b910dd30d5f54abbdb681dabb5b6b_largeAccording to its creator, this technology would help users become aware on the costs of their energy consumptions and with just a touch of buttons everyone can help conserve electricity.

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