Spermbots deliver medical functions inside human body

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Have you read my last feature about “tiny” technology to naturally recharge your cell phone batteries? Here another “tiny” technology which this time, use to deliver medical functions inside human body.

Here is the thing, scientists are looking for ways to drive micro-robots through bodily fluids safely. Like all moving robots, micro-robots need fuel, but it can be toxic to a human body. So they start to explore the use of sperms, to proper medical functions inside human body, which they call it “Spermbots.”

Spermbots consist of live sperm cell in a little tube, that can be magnetically controlled to move in a desired direction until they reach their destination and do their job.

At the moment, researchers from Dresden Institute for Integrative Nanosciences is exploring spermbots as an alternative ways for parents trying to have a child through in-vitro fertilization. When perfected, spermbots could also be used as a safe means for drug delivery and gene manipulation.

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