Turmeric “Luyang Dilaw” may cure Alzheimer’s disease

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Turmeric, known among Filipinos as “luyang dilaw,” contains ingredients that can be used to treat stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

According to the research published on Stem Cell Research & Therapy Journal, certain compound in turmeric called aromatic (ar-) turmerone plays an important role in nurturing the neutral stem cells (NSC) in the brain, promoting self-repair and recovery of neuro-degenerative diseases. This compound also blocks microglia, a cell causing inflammation to the brain and associated to different neurological disorders.

Aside from Ar-turmerone, turmeric also found to have curcumin compound, known for its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

Though further study is recommended, researchers concluded that this aromatic herb, turmeric or luyang dilaw could be a natural resource that can be used in the development of cheaper and most effective medicine in treating neurological disorders, such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Read more about this study at Stem Cell Research and Therapy Journal and eurekalert.org

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