Have you checked how Google tracks your online presence?

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We are all convinced that internet is now part of our lives because of its important uses and functions. However are you aware that by frequently using the internet and other related technologies will store information about you?

Google keeps your location history, and tracks where ever you go. If you have Google account and use android cellphone with GPS capability? Check this out. Wait! You need to log-in first on your Gmail account then click on this LINK. You can see your (previous) whereabouts mapped in detail with corresponding dates, location and time as you can see on the photo below.

google history

You can also adjust to show your location history.

Google knows your interest based on your search history. Have you noticed that, when you searched (for example) about how to build 6-pack abs previously, most of the ads appearing on your next website visits will be related to abs building and or fitness in general. You may check your interests recorded by Google based on your previous searches HERE


On your Ads setting click, edit (on the INTERESTS row) as shown in the picture.

thanks google

And by the way, have you ever checked Google homepage on your birthday? They even make a special Google Doodle for you. On the day of your birthday, put over your mouse on the Google Doodle and see those cakes and candles are intentionally made for you. Make sure you are log-in on your Google account.

Google is the most well-positioned online company in the history of humankind to ever collect data on us. Everywhere you go, what you search for, along with everything you do on your mobile device they tracked it and use it for advertising purposes. But did you know that even the United States National Security Agency (NSA) is seeking the help of Google for criminal and security related request? Google declares that on their Transparency Report Page.

Google is an advertising company that intelligently target their audiences based on individual interests as recorded by their system. However, while making all that ad money, Google also just happens to be watching everything you do including where you are, where you frequently going, your problems based on your searches on Google search, who you call, who you email, chat with, friends with, and much more.

Check this Microsoft Internal Google Chrome Bouncing Ball Now Everywhere Parody on YouTube.

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