2015 Technologies: They printed and ate a pizza


2015 is another big year for technologies. Computing technologies are progressing rapidly, allowing almost everything interconnected, making everything run into an automatic state – and you can now print and eat it?


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Computing Technologies – Imagine our life without these gadgets – we are very much embedded with technologies in our personal and working environment. As smart-phone technology advances, smart-phones will be used in new contexts and environments. Along with wearable’s, smart-phones will offer a connected screens in the workplace and in public. Smart phone in education, smartphone in the workplaces, business, productivity, name it. You will expect more this year.


Internet of things – The Internet of Things (IoT) is big and it will continue to grow along with user-oriented computing. IoT is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded devices within the Internet infrastructure. It is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of protocols and applications. The interconnection of these embedded devices is expected to usher automation in nearly all fields. Like for instance, you can now switch off your devices at home while driving your car to office. Prediction: The Internet of Things will be the focus of digital business products and processes in industrial and operational contexts.


Cloud and client architecture – as the two mentioned above advances its ways, cloud and client architecture proliferate to centrally coordinate applications that can deliver to any devices (ie. Evernote, Google drive, Dropbox, etc.) . This allows access to your data anytime, anywhere. With this technology, expect to be able to use applications simultaneously on multiple devices.


3D Printing – 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing. It is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printing actually started since the early 80’s and were so expensive. But as the technology progresses it becomes cheaper, and its market now rapidly expanding from the biggest industries down to the consumer level. Who knows, 3d printing will change the way we do our daily chores – we’ll soon not be cooking our food but instead “just print it out.”

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