Researchers develop needle-free technique to monitor blood sugar

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tattoo sensor

Pricking your finger to obtain a drop of blood for sugar testing is somewhat painful especially when it’s done frequently, like in the case of people with diabetes — required to monitor their blood sugar. Nano-engineers from the University of California, San Diego have developed a device that can now monitor blood sugar without pricking your fingers to collect blood samples.

This is in the form of temporary tattoo embedded with nano-sensors that use mild electrical current to collect and measure blood sugar levels in a person’s body. When the device is attached (to the skin) it collects sodium ions from the skin. These ions carry glucose molecules which then be measured by the sensors embedded in the device.

Researchers also believed that aside from blood-sugar testing, the device can also be used to measure other important chemicals in the body and could help analyse diabetes and other diseases better.

Currently, people with diabetes often must test their sugar levels multiple times a day using devices with tiny needle to extract a small amount of blood from their fingertip. This procedure is found painful to some patients that is why researchers are continue searching for less invasive technique to monitor blood sugar.

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