How to get 200 GB cloud storage for free

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cloud storageAre you worried because you are frequently receiving a notification that your phone storage is near to get full – while buying an additional storage is not your priority? Free cloud service maybe your best option.

Cloud storage becomes an integral part of our modern-mobile technologies. Unlike local storages such hard drives, USBs and SD cards — cloud storage allows access to your data anytime anywhere.

In terms of cloud technology, there are popular service providers offering excellent service. Let see how much we can get if we simultaneously subscribe to their free cloud storage.

Dropbox. According to CNET reviews Dropbox is the favorite in cloud storage because of its clean design, reliability and easy to use. Dropbox offers 2 Gigabyte free storage upon signing-up, and you can earn extra storage up to 16 GB by referring friends and following their social media accounts.  Dropbox is accessible via their website, and can be used in different platforms, such as windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire mobile apps.

Onedrive. This is the Microsoft cloud storage option. Onedrive allows you to store any kind of files including photos, videos, and other office documents, accessible from any of your Windows PCs or mobile devices. Onedrive gives you 15 Gigabyte (GB) storage free upon signing up and another 15 GB camera roll bonus when linked to your mobile device. Onedrive also gives 500 MB free storage on each referral of up to 5 GB.

Google Drive. Another cloud service comes from the internet giant Google. It was known as Google Docs and transformed into a complete office suite with cloud storage called Google Drive. This Google service is available upon signing up with your Gmail account and can be activated via It comes with 15 GB free cloud storage shared by your other Google accounts. Google drive is accessible via Drive Website and can be used by installing the Google Drive desktop App for Mac and Windows to manage your files in your computer. Google drive can also synch to mobile devices through their mobile platforms.

Box. Box is another popular cloud manifesto beyond basic cloud settings. This platform is specifically designed for business and IT files sharing system. It enables user to assign tasks, make comments to someone’s work and get notification for file changes. This platform comes with 10 GB free cloud storage.

Copy.  Copy is simple, fast and one of the most reliable cloud storage out there. Upon signing-up, a 15 GB free cloud storage is given. Users also earn extra storage up to 25 GB by referring friends. Like other cloud storage services, Copy has desktop platform for Windows and Mac (Linux too), plus mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can also use Copy’s website to manage your files.

Ozibox. Not so popular but it offers a “wow” in terms of free cloud storage. Ozibox gives you 100 GB free storage upon signing up. Their platform is accessible via windows desktop and mobile devices.

To give you summary of what we mentioned above see image below (Arranged from left to right according to free cloud storage they offer).

Arranged (from left to right) according to free cloud storage their offer
Arranged (from left to right) according to free cloud storage the offer

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