New Perspective: The unstable job makes me stable

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It was mid of 2014 when I slowed down in writing and posting articles in this site. I was confused while pondering to the big-dive-decision I made when I resigned to my previous and most stable job I’ve ever known. I was a regular employee to one of the councils of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), taking home a good earning and yet chose to gamble my fate as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia — for my personal and self-centered ambitions. Practically, it was indeed a big fall at least at that moment (Some of my respected friend told me that but I ignored). Several months later, I start contemplating and somehow feel some regrets. It makes even worse when my employer sent a notice to lay-off due to financial instability in the company. I was just new then, I crumbled and fell on my knees because I knew I am one of them. I was helpless and certain to lose my job. By the way, I am a family man with two kids and I don’t have a single riyal in my account. I suffered total distress during those times but God is good.

Up to this writing, one year after the notice, I am still on the same employer and emotionally gaining a stronghold. I also able to build a reputation that pushed me up to be included in the company’s saving boat. Right now, I am part of the transition team — bearing toward new direction, catching up to the many changes that had happened in the construction industry in the country (Saudi Arabia) that lead to unprecedented lay-offs.

Unstable job made me stable

I used to jump from one employer to another — finding a better or the one so-called greener pasture by the career individuals. I jumped from regular permanent positions in corporate private sector to careers in the public sector. I always made sure I’ve got better in every turn of my career – increased in salary (of course) and better positions.

Career in government was indeed stable, especially when holding regular position in the national agencies. But it was worst for me, it made me complacent and easy-going. Why? As the popular idiomatic expression among Filipinos saying “nakasandal sa pader” (leaning on a strong wall), employment in government is indeed unshakable. With this in mind, I started to trust myself and became proud. I thought life was so easy.

But come to think of it, I may have better job than others but in terms of living we were all the same. I mean, at the end of every month I receive my salary and do the living the way I thought should be, then my salary evaporates and most of the time, they didn’t even meet and I run to borrow from friends. I even wonder why other people (I comparing to) able to buy things I struggle to buy to. They even enjoy seeing a movie at the IMAX theater which for me — a luxury. In fact I did all (strategies) to save money, but still months pass by and end me up no savings at all.

I thought I have a stable job but none at all because the stability that I used to know was actually a vanity. I get fooled by my thought. All was just a fancy covering that hides the emptiness I refused to recognize. Maybe my job was stable but my thought and the way I think life was unstable.

I thought life is about material things. A possession that people can see and say I am successful (yet i wasn’t). I thought life is about career and accomplishments. But there is more important than these worldly treasures I use to know — GOD. For without God I found myself astray drifting nowhere but toward certain destruction. However with God I get back-up with enlightened perspectives and there I found real joy — an eternal security that whatever may happen I know I have Great God that is ever faithful to me. I reflected unto it and little by little changes my views of what really matters in life.

Thanks be to God for this experience. I learned to value my life. I learned to value my money, and most importantly I learned to value my family — more than ever before, with that I can say, unstable job made me now more stable.

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