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If you are a business owner and think our content is within your niche, we also accept advertisement at the VERY MINIMAL AMOUNT.

Forms and Rates:

  • Text links / inlinks:
    • Choose your keyword within our content and link it to your website = $2 per keyword (one-time fee – permanent).
    • 5 minimum link per purchase.
    • Get discounts for bulk purchases
  • Banners: Can be seen in all pages (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW)
    • A = $3/month
    • B = $4/month
    • C = $4/month
    • D = $2/month
  • Paid review = $25 one-time fee
    • Maximum of two links per post
    • at least 300 words
    • Posts are lifetime – not deleted
  • Advertising through a post: Seen when reader(s) view the page/post you choose
    • A = $.5/month
    • B = $1/month

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