Dengue hospitalization now free for indigent patients


dengue in the PhilippinesDengue hospitalization is now free for indigent patients,” announced Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Enrique Ona during the Dengue Summit held at the Heritage Hotel, Manila on 13 April 2012.

“We are serious to achieve universal healthcare by extending PhilHealth coverage to all Filipinos belonging to the marginalized sector of the society,” said Secretary Ona. “This includes the 23 medical conditions covered by PhilHealth including dengue.”

Dengue hospitalization scheme.

Through the new case payment scheme, PhilHealth will cover hospital billing of up to Php8,000.00 for Dengue I and Php16,000.00 for Dengue II of all Sponsored Program members admitted in accredited government hospitals.

Sponsored Program members refer to the indigent families enrolled in the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP), subsidized by the local government units (LGUs), private companies and individuals or families listed under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTSPR) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

“Of course, we don’t want anybody to get hospitalized,” said Secretary Ona. “That is why the huge chunk of our efforts is directed towards vector control to prevent the spread of the disease. But we constantly update and review case management protocols and guidelines to respond to the increasing challenges brought about by treating numerous patients, especially for dengue.”

Aside from dengue, PhilHealth also covers the following medical conditions and surgical procedures for indigent patients:

Medical conditions: Pneumonia I – Php15,000.00; Pneumonia II – Php32,000.00; Essential hypertension – Php9,000.00; Cerebral Infarction – Php28,000.00; Cerebro-vascular accident with haemorrhage – Php38,000.00; Acute gastroenteritis – Php6,000.00; Asthma – Php9,000.00; Typhoid fever – Php14,000.00; Newborn care package in hospitals and lying-in clinics Php1,750.00.

Surgical procedures: Radiotherapy – Php3,000.00; Hemodialysis – Php4,000.00; maternity care – Php8,000.00; normal spontaneous delivery package in level 1 hospitals – Php8,000.00; normal spontaneous delivery package in levels 2 to 4 hospitals – Php6,500.00; Caesarean section – Php19,000.00; Appendectomy – Php24,000.00; Cholecystectomy – Php31,000.00; Dilation and curettage – Php11,000.00; Thyroidectomy – Php31,000.00; Herniorrhaphy – Php21,000.00; Mastectomy – Php22,000.00; Cataract surgery – Php16,000.00; and Hysterectomy – Php30,000.00.

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