Dengue Summit prepares officials and LGUs versus dengue in 2012

dengue summit 2012
dengue summit 2012

Dengue summit 2012 in Manila

“Winning the war against dengue entails victories on numerous fronts around the country” said Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Enrique Ona during the Dengue Summit held at Heritage Hotel, Manila on 13 April 2012.  “That is why we gather you all here to share accomplishments, best practices, challenges and future commitments to our fight against the disease.”  

With the theme, “Aksiyon Barangay Kontra Dengue, Pagtibayin” the dengue summit provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss plans and future strategies for the prevention and control of dengue in the country. It also highlighted updates on dengue clinical case management, vector control strategies, ongoing and future researches, and strategies in mobilizing the community against the disease.

“We do not want to see again our public hospitals being filled with dengue patients and hear increasing outbreaks reported everywhere,” said Secretary Ona. He challenged the national government agencies, non-government organizations and private sector to intensify collaborations and partnerships to implement a holistic and comprehensive dengue control plan for 2012.

He also encouraged the media to communicate and facilitate public information and education on dengue in the communities, and the local governments units (LGUs). “Local leaders should take the responsibility and spearhead clean-up drive activities. We should set ourselves as models in our community, by doing what we are advocating to prevent and control dengue.”

In 2010, more than 173,000 dengue cases were recorded, the worst outbreak in the country for the past ten years. “Although we achieved considerable success last year where we reduced the cases to 27% compared to that in 2010, we can never be complacent. In about three months, with the onset of rainy season, we are anticipating increased number in dengue cases,” explained Secretary Ona.

During the dengue summit, Sec Ona encouraged everyone to be more proactive in the campaign against the disease. “To outdo our accomplishment last year, we have to be more creative this time and be more proactive. We should be focused. We must target the source of mosquito eggs in the hope of eradicating the root cause of dengue,” reiterated Secretary Ona.

Likewise, “We must strengthen our technical and logistical support to LGUs in implementing dengue control measures.” This includes disease surveillance, outbreak response, and research as key elements in ensuring full arsenal of strategies to combat dengue all year round.

Our target this year is to lower the incidence of dengue cases to less than 100,000. It seems a tall order for all of us but I believe if we work together, this can be achieved,” concluded Secretary Ona.

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