Faster And Innovative Way in Addressing Hiv And Other Infectious Diseases


Now there is a new company with a new technology developed in CANADA that will promote worldwide cooperation of medical practitioners especially in addressing infectious diseases caused by microorganisms including HIV.

It is called “viroXchange” largely supported by big pharmaceutical companies but promised to give “independent” and reliable reporting regarding breakthroughs for all health professionals.

Dr. Mark Wainberg, a part of the Scientific Committee of ViroXchange said that “ViroXchange broadens access to information by researchers in general, while allowing them to share their knowledge on a global scale…”It’s important for the scientific community to be aware of the latest trials and of their impact on research priorities and scenarios. In this context, viroXchange allows us to better collaborate.”

On the other hand, Guy-Charles Pelletier, the chief architect of the project and a high official of the Neuhauz Company acknowledged that through this technology scientific gatherings can be easily facilitated by means of online videos and teleconferences, wherein knowledge especially for those doing studies on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and other emerging diseases can easily be transmitted even without the physically presence of the presenters.

The objectives of setting up ViroXchange is first to help professionals in providing them the latest and acceptable practice by giving them timely advancement information. Second is to give the venue to engage and comment to share their thoughts and experiences in a collegial environment. Third through this initiative Viro expects to promote a positive change in the field of science and in the practice of virology medicine.

Prior to any news release or information dissemination, ViroXchange committed that the data to be released undergo fair and careful content and technical evaluation and proofreading. Medical writers, journalists and editors are selected based on their proven track-record and current practice or profession.

Presently, the Scientific Committee of ViroX is composed Rejean Thomas of the Clinique medicale Actuel and Clinique A in Montreal Canada, as the Editor-in-Chief. The main role of this committee is to recommend themes for publication and to freely express opinions about medical content. The other members of the committee are Prof. Jose Aribas (Autonomous University School of Medicine), Mark Nelson (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital), Prof. Pedro Cahn (Juan A Fernandez Hospital), Marc Poliquin, MD (Verdun Hospital), Wainberg (McGill University), Prof. Christine Katlama (Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere) and Dr. Calvin Cohen (Community Research Initiative).


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