Claudine Raymart versus Ramon Tulfo at NAIA


Claudine Raymart VS Mon Tulfo now trending…

The Claudine-Raymart versus Ramon Tulfo clash in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) became viral in the internet. It is now the topic and trending in almost all social networking sites.

So what? Some may ignore it. Yes, it has nothing to do for us but we can learn our lessons from the incident.

Lessons we learn from the incident

  1. For Individual: The Claudine Raymart VS Mon Tulfo incident only shows us that nothing good happen if we let our “sulkiness” or “bad temper” rule our minds.
  2. For a company: Yes we all agree that Cebu Pacific is the cheapest airline in town, but they should also consider “quality service and customer satisfaction.”  If Claudine were satisfied, the incident does not happen.
  3. For the country: Where you can see in the world an international airport that has “non-working CCTV cameras.” You may still remember that NAIA was once called as “one of the worst international airport in the world.” This incident gives shame not only to NAIA itself but to all Filipinos as well. Nakakaasar, ang mahal-mahal pa mandin ang binabayaran nating “Terminal Fee” samantalang CCTV di makabili.
  4. and many more…

You can also add your lessons learned from Claudine Raymart VS Mon Tulfo incidence by making a comment below.


Anyway, i browse the net and find some “funny” or should I say “artistic ways” of expressing their opinions on Claudine Raymart VS Mon Tulfo incident incident.

Claudine and Reymart Versus Tulfo brother
Claudine and Reymart Versus Tulfo brother (grabbed at
Raymart-vs-tulfo on Street Fighter
Street Fighter: Raymart-vs-tulfo (image grabbed from
























Tulfo brothers versus Santiagos
Thrilla in NAIA: Tulfos vs Santiagos (image grabbed from


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