Weight Loss and Household Chores


Well, you can kill two birds with one stone by doing these household chores that burn the most calories or weight loss.

The great thing about the household chores that made this list is they work out more than one muscle on your body. Some of these household chores even offer a full body workout. This household chore can effectively workout your forearms, trapezoids, back and most of your leg muscles.

This may not seem like the most strenuous chore on the list, but it burns the most calories per year according to the Daily Mail. Want to get more of a workout from this household chore? Notice how this household chore does not specify sweeping or mopping; that’s because they are both categorized as one chore on this list for the sake of a better workout.

Tips for Burning Calories While Doing Household Chores: Adding some music to your household chores is just as effective as listening to music while working out. Music can also help motivate you and can help you set a pace for how fast you’re completing these household chores.

If you’ve been setting aside your chores to make time for a workout, try skipping your workout completely to do a bundle of household chores instead.

Some common household chores:

  1. Moving the Lawn
  2. Doing the Laundry
  3. Mopping, Sweeping
  4. Washing the Dishes
  5. Cleaning the Chimney
  6. Re-arranging fixtures and furnitures
  7. Painting Walls, Fences, etc.
  8. Cleaning the Car
  9. Pulling the Weeds