4 apps help you learn new languages

Learn different language, the easy way (Photo by missiontolearn)

Whether you plan on taking a trip to a foreign country or you just want to learn a new language, learning it has never been easier.  If you have an iPhone or Android, it’s time to take advantage of some of the great apps that are floating around out there.  If you’re ready to learn, here are four awesome apps you will want to check out:


Available for people looking to learn Spanish, Voxy is hands down one of the best foreign language apps on the market.   With social features, games and so much more, it’s like having your own personal tutor with you at all times.  As you learn in the app, there are many cool exercises that can help you learn.  For instance, you can read news articles in Spanish, and with those articles, the app will make you pick out words and translate them into English.  With real-word activities and fun exercises, you will be learning Spanish faster than ever.


Brainscape is an app that focuses more on flashcards rather than exercises.  Quizzing you over and over on the same terms, the goal of this app is to make sure that you remember particular words and grammar structures.   With audio interpretation, Brainscape will analyze your words as you speak them into the speaker.  Depending on the sound and quality, it will rank you one to five.  After you feel that you have mastered the lessons, you can choose to prep for quizzes and take them when you’re ready.  What makes this app different is that you actually have to speak the word.  What you will find with other apps is that you only select the word on the screen and nothing else.


Busuu is more of an online community for those who are looking to connect with other people that speak the language.  Within this fast-growing community, you can build on basic conversations and build your vocabulary skills.  Busuu will play conversations, test your comprehension and can help challenge you, enabling you to learn in a fun way.  Busuu is an awesome app for anyone of any skill set.


MindSnacks is an awesome app that has many games and lessons to help you learn just about any language out there.  With over 50 levels of content, you will be able to bypass each level as you pass tests and games.  With more than 1,000 words, MindSnacks allows you to memorize and retain words with ease.  While this app does cost a few dollars, it has some of the best reviews for a foreign app on the marketplace.

If you’re looking to learn a language for fun, these are four great apps to have some fun.  Ditch the old textbooks and play some games to learn a lot of words!  By practicing a few hours each week, you will find yourself learning a lot of words in no time. (Hannah)

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  1. All of these apps are great recommendations for learning a new languages!! Before using Mind Snacks I've had studies lot of others apps and among those the other three mentioned apps also came in my observation way. So I also recommending others who wanted to learn languages might find above mentioned 4 apps quite handy indeed. Thanks.

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