Be healthy: Use biofertlizers in farming


As people now becoming health conscious, many are now shifting from conventional to organic not only in food but also in farming strategies and agricultural innovations such as the use of biofertilizer in farming. Biofertilizers are processed from biological wastes of animals, dead flora and fauna etc. the more they would be used the less would be the usage of harmful chemicals. These fertilizers increase the productivity of the soil, without any sort of petroleum usage. Bio products are the resultant products of the usage of biofertilizers and the industry that deals with the manufacture of these products is known as bio industry.

Today, bio products find their use in farming, fishing, forestry, hunting transportation industries and many more.

Biofertilizers are normally the name given to manure and compost, although there are other materials which qualify. The reasons behind the fact that bio fertilizers are becoming an indispensable part of modern farming are that it ensures that the organic matter content of the fertilizers increases.  Then, they are much less expensive than chemical fertilizers. While normal fertilizers use a lot of harmful materials like heavy metals, organic fertilizers are devoid of such things.

Benefits of Bio Fertilizers

  1. Biofertilizers enhance the nutrient and microorganism content of the soil, thereby increasing its fertility. The richer the soil the more will be the yield of crops.
  2. Biofertilizers are the most suitable replacement for the chemical fertilizers since they do not reduce the rate of plant growth and do not contaminate the environment through harmful chemicals as the latter does.
  3. Natural components improve the quality of the crops. While chemicals decrease the nutrition level in the plants bio fertilizers do exactly the opposite.
  4. The two fold uses of bio fertilizers are that, they increase soil fertility and thus the yield of crops and that it also protects the environment from getting polluted by harmful chemicals.
  5. There are certain components in the plants that contaminate various diseases in the plants. A bio fertilizer is solely equipped to keep them at bay. They also save plants against drought etc.
  6. Their affordability makes them famous among poor farmers.
  7. Being environment friendly is the best part about biofertilizers

The Application of Biofertilizers

  1. One of the applications is where the seedling is root dip. This method is unique to rice. Rice seeds are planted in a bed of water. The seeds are dipped into water for a minimum of eight and a maximum of ten hours.
  2. Another method is the seed treatment method where two kinds of fertilizers i.e. the nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers are mixed in water and then the seeds are dipped in it. The next step is to dry the seeds. The very moment the seeds have dried they are required to be sown so that no kind of harmful microbes start affecting then.
  3. Last but another very important method is the soil treatment method. The bio and compost fertilizers are mixed and kept all night long. Next morning this mixture is applied to the soil.


A few Disadvantages of Biofertilizers

  1. Large of amount of bio fertilizers are required to get the desired results as compared to chemical fertilizers
  2. Various machines are needed to be used
  3. Bad odor

In spite of the disadvantages which can surely be taken care of bio fertilizers are the best and most economic forms of fertilizers.

Author’s Bio: Somnath Bose is an enthusiast of organic farming and the use of bio fertilizers. For further queries and information visit the website