Benefits of Capital One Miles


In today’s difficult economic times, consumers want credit cards that offer them incentives and rewards. To meet this demand many credit card companies have established reward systems for cardholders that are activated every time a purchase is made. Capital One, for instance, has created a rewards program related to discounting various travel expenses.

Capital One miles is just one of the rewards that Capital One offers some card holders. The company offers several types of rewards systems, the miles program is amongst the most popular. Referred to as “no hassle miles” the Capital One reward program guarantees the following:

  • Capital One miles reward system allows card holders to fly with the airline of their choice at anytime. In addition the miles can be used on flights to any destination in the world.
  • The miles reward does not have any blackout dates. This means that flights can be booked on holidays and for weekend trips.
  • Capital One places no limit on the amount of miles a card holder can collect.
  • The reward miles earned can be used for other travel expenses such as hotels, rental cars, gift cards and vacation deals.
  • Earned Reward Miles never expires as long as the card holder has an account with Capital One.

Two Capital One cards offer miles rewards to consumers at the current time. Both cards require excellent credit. The Capital One cards are described below.

The Venture Visa

This card offers two miles per dollar on every purchase. The Venture Visa also offers a 10,000 mile bonus once the cardholder has at least $1000 in purchases. Rewards can also be used for hotels and car rentals. The purchase APR for this particular card is 13.9%-20.9%, the transfer APR is 13.9%-20.9% and the APR for cash advances is 24.9%. The Venture Visa has no fee for the first year. The annual fee is $59 for subsequent years.

The VentureOne Visa

This Capital One card offers 1.25 miles per dollar on every purchase. Additionally the card offers a 10,000 mile bonus when the cardholder makes a purchase of $1000 within the first three months. Cardholders can also get 15 more miles per dollar if they shop our Perk CentralSM retail network. The purchase APR is 11.9%-19.9% , the Transfer APR is 11.9%-19.9% and the Cash Advance APR is 24.9%. The Venture One Visa is also similar to the Venture Visa in that it has no fee for the first year and after the first year the annual fee is $59.


Many consumers enjoy travel and the miles reward system gives cardholders the opportunity to travel. The Capital One miles offer cardholders the chance to get free or discounted plane tickets as a result of the purchases made using the aforementioned cards. Cardholders can be in a position in which they never have to pay for plane tickets or a rental car again. The miles reward program is a great incentive to encourage cardholders to make purchases. (Siddharta Rahut)