Eye care: How to maintain good eyesight


Your eyes are your windows to the world. You may agree that it is one of the most important organs which no one can afford to lose. In order to maintain good eye health, here are some tips to take care of your eyes and to protect it from getting damage:

Eat eye-friendly food – protecting your eyesight starts with the food you eat. According to studies Lutein, Zinc, Vitamins C and E are among the nutrients essential for eye care. These nutrients are naturally found in fruits and vegetables such as kangkong, kamote tops, spinach, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables. Eating fishes rich in omega-3 such as tuna and salmon are helpful too.

Maintain high hygiene – wash your hands. Our hand touches many things including bacteria that causes eye irritations or eye disease. Hand washing helps you free from these harmful disease so make it a habit to wash your hands several times daily.

Exercise – As we aged most of our organs including our eyes become weak. Exercise can reduce the risk of developing severe form of age-related eye problems to up to 70%. Exercise daily and get all the benefits including good eyesight.

Use protective eye wear – Consider wearing protective goggles when working or visiting high risks areas. They may look simple but its function to protect your eyes is indispensable.

Rest, rest – working long hours may irritate your eyes. Take sometime to have your eyes rested. Getting enough sleep is also important to keep your eyes recover from a long day work.

Consider regular eye check-up – According to Dr. Stuart Sondheimer, ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon from Chicago, a regular eye check up is very important to detect any possible eye problems early. Many eye diseases progress slowly with no symptoms at all (such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and age-related macular degeneration). Sometimes when symptoms appear, the damage is no longer irreversible. So regular check-up will help detect any eye problem early, slows down, or even stop the progression of the disease before any permanent harm occurs.


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