Best and must to visit restaurants in Alicante


Alicante is Spain’s very small reign; it is a very famous tourist destination as it offers fantastic locations. The scenic beauty is worth to see, the place offers so many sightseeing locations like monuments, museums, art galleries, churches, etc. You can get there by simply renting a car services. These services are available all over the place as their demands are very high.

Everyone wants to get a good car for this purpose, as well for the restaurants and the shopping stores. To avoid inconvenience and delays it is good to book in advance. You have to make appointment to your favorite car renting agencies for the availability of your favorite car.

If everything were settled, here are some of the popular restaurants, which you would want to visit for your future travels.

  1. Piripi is known for its seafood and fish dishes, which are served with steam rice.  Even the salami and sausages are very much liked. You may want also to try their tapas. The rates are good and worth to pay for the delicacies.
  2. Tabulé is like heaven for the vegetarians, this place serves only vegetarian dishes at good rates. The ambience is amazing, service is excellent and the people are friendly. Fresh ingredients are used in all the dishes for keeping the true flavors intact.
  3. One One offers a very good menu list of Mediterranean cuisines. You can make the selection from their wide variety accordingly. The rates are high as the quality of food served is very fine. Colorful photos and posters make the ambience very interesting.
  4. Bíomenú only serves organic food items, people like to come here for enjoying the different varieties of curries. Even the fresh salads are very popular, the quality of food is excellent and the service offered is amazing.
  5. Cantina Villahelmy is a must to visit by taking the alicante autovermietung services as it offers amazing ambience to hang out. The food is delicious. They serve different snack items that can be ordered at reasonable rates.
  6. Pintxo Kalea serves some of the best varieties of juices, even the fresh salads and steaks are very much liked here. The food is value for money. Make sure to take a halt on this restaurant.
  7. Color de Especías is popular for its romantic ambience, the slow music and low lights create very good mood. The fantastic food adds up to the overall experience of dining, so make sure to have a romantic dinner in this restaurant of Alicante.
  8. El Trellat is known for its creative dishes, it prepares food items by using different ingredients than the actual recipe.

Other than the above given names, there are many other restaurants in Alicante which can be visited by renting the car services. (Jenni Roi)

Author’s bio:  Jenni Roi is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various other topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.