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As we proclaim our ambitious objective — to empower and inspire people by promoting relevant information, our team continually learn and find ways how to expand and maintain our chosen niche

We launched our “write, share, inspire” campaign last November 2012.

Write. Share. Inspire

This is exactly where we want to be — to write, share, and inspire people. We want to build content or a repository of articles purposively written to inform, educate or to bring about a desirable change in the society for development.

Who will submit article

Everyone is welcome to submit an article. However, we specially encourage our colleagues who are in the field of communication in government service and non-government organizations (NGOs) especially those who are within the authorities for science and technology, economics and business, food and agriculture, ecology and environment, health, education and culture, labor, consumerism and development journalism in general.

What to write or what to submit

We don’t have specific coverage when it comes to topic, but we put priority on science and technology (S&T), economics and business, food and agriculture, ecology and environment, health, education, culture, labor and consumerism especially the products/outputs of research and development (R&D).

We also accept topics on computer and new gadgets, web and internet technologies and other interesting topics.

Why publish with us

Although we just started recently, we are closely working on our web and search engine optimization development to put all your articles in the fore front of the search engines. This ensures your article’s accessibility and visibility to the World Wide Web.

Whenever your articles appear on — at least near to Google’s top rank pages if not on the top pages — simply connotes several benefits that bring you or your organization/company to the next level at no cost.

Getting on the top of the search engines is significantly important especially to service oriented organizations such as the government and non-profit organizations – with that you simply reach your clients or customers at its best without additional margins for your advertisement or promotional materials.

On the other hand, submitting articles to other content-based websites known as guest blogging (for bloggers and website owners) — is considered one of the most powerful tactics in internet marketing today. Aside from legitimate links to your own blog/websites, guest blogging is one of the strategies to meet new visitors for your blog/website. Guest blogging also helps you build your domain and search engine authority and credibility in the net.

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