Self-help tips for people with dementia


Being diagnosed of dementia can be a frightening experience. However, available information can be relieving for both patients and carriers who were confused and overwhelmed of the danger of the disease. Here are some tips on how to handle the disease properly:

  • Understand the disease better – learning about the disease is the first thing you should do first. The internet contains huge information about dementia, so you might consider taking time reading them. Verify information with your doctor. Ask questions.
  • Plan your treatment – One of the things patients should know about if there are available treatments (for the disease) and how to access it. Your Doctor or physician should be able to present you with the relevant treatment options and discuss which is best suited to you.
  • Eat the right food for your condition – Studies show that nutrition can play a significant role in treating dementia. It’s well worth researching how nutrition can affect your symptoms and trying to apply them alongside with your medical treatments.
  • Make things easier to recall – Struggling with recall or memory loss can be extremely frustrating and troubling for people with dementia. Many find day-to-day tasks are made easier by making notes and adding labels to items.
  • Be active – The medical profession encourage people with dementia to be as active as possible and engage in a number of activities. While the level of physical exercise is dependent on your medical history, there are activities specifically designed for people with dementia.
  • Get social – There are many support groups for people with dementia as well as groups dedicated to helping family members and friends of people with dementia. This social group is essential in providing valuable advice and assistance.

The majority of people with dementia wish to stay as independent as possible and in many cases they can be achieved by ensuring the appropriate treatment is in place and that the person has access to the facilities needed to effectively manage their symptoms. Dementia can impact across all areas of a person’s life but there are number of agencies which provide help and support for issues such as treatment plans and symptom management to financial and practical advice. With the appropriate assistance people with dementia can reduce their anxiety about their condition. (Jason Tucker)

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