How to access blocked facebook and other websites


Early last year, I shared an article about how to unlock facebook and youtube using the untrasulf system. However as it was expected the system has limitations and was not applicable to some system configurations.

facebook-block-indian-usersThis time I would like to share other ways to unlock these social websites without changing your local settings by using proxy servers.

You maybe aware how proxy system works or maybe some of you have tried to used at least one of them. In fact, there are hundreds of proxy servers available out there but not all of them are capable of opening blocked Facebook, tweeter and youtube.

I made a sorting of these proxies and here are some I found workable in opening social websites usually blocked in school and in the workplace.

Remember: Using these proxies/websites may have adverse effects to your productivity. I am not liable to whatever damage may cause you. Be responsible.

Vtunnel – Vtunnel uses CGI Proxy service that enables access to blocked websites. It protects user’s anonymity and allows file download as well. Unlike conventional proxies, Vtunnel requires no special browser configuration. Simply type in your browser and find the dialogue box to enter the url of the website you wish to open.

Also, be aware of the intruding ads appearing upon opening this site. To close this ad click on the (little) “x” in color red usually at the upper right corner of your screen.

Xitenow – is another website I prefer to used to open blocked websites. Xitenow bypasses any network restrictions in your schools and offices. Like Vtunnel there is no browser configuration needed.

Enjoy unrestricted and uncensored browsing by simply entering this url in your browser.

Unblockbookwill allow you to bypass web filters and access social networking sites and all other sites you want to visit.

You can also add your list of proxies you’ve tried capable of opening social websites by dropping your comments below.

Again, be responsible.


  1. Hi! Thank you for the information. Our office blocks FB and Youtube in our office and it can be very frustrating. This will help me a lot.

  2. Recently i found “Hotspot Shield” VPN which better suits to my requirements and i found it very convenient to use. Now i can easily access twitter from school and other blocked websites by hiding my ip address. Check it here –

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