Steps to Flush Heart Burn and Acid Indigestion from Your System


Heart burn is one of the most common symptoms of acidity and can lead to various kinds of issues. It is usually caused by an imbalance between the acid secretion system and the intestine.  There are billions of over the world who suffer from such an imbalance. There have been a lot of researches made to find out the possible solutions to this problem. Nicotine, Tomatoes, Alcohol, Junk foods, stress, obesity, Chocolates, Caffeine is some of the things that are known to aggravate the symptoms of heart burn.Heart burn

It has also been studied that heart burn can also result from incorrect dietary habits. For example, those who have the habit of taking dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese or ice creams after taking junk foods such as fried chicken or stuffs like that might experience heart burn.

Easy ways to keep Heart burn at bay

Heart burn can be easily dealt with the help of certain things. Following are some such remedies hat help in getting the best solution.

Drink a lot of water – If you have a tendency of heart burn make sure that you drink a lot of water. A minimum of 4-5 liters will help you to get the best results. Water helps in neutralizing the acidity form your system. This is the first thing that doctors would suggest you. However you should also try not to drink excess of water when before your meal as that would make the digestive acids to force back to the esophagus. That will again lead to heart burn.

Avoid Cigarettes – this is something that I personally have benefitted from. I used to smoke a lot when I was young, but then owing to prolonged issues of heart burn my doctor asked me to shed of that habit. Though it was tough to quit smoking yet I finally I managed and now I do not face any issues regarding that.

Avoid lying flat on your stomach – Lying flat on your stomach can aggravate the issues of hear burn. Lie on your back and add another pillow as lifting your head from your body would help in reducing acid indigestion.

Even gap between your meals – Taking meals at irregular intervals is also quite effective in allaying such issues. Latest researches show that a meal after every couple of hours is what one should strive to take.  This study has been made by the imperial college of London.

Exercise – Exercising is certainly a good remedy.  I personally have found that Yoga and ‘Pranayam’ (the science of breathing) is quite helpful in dealing with heart burn. Get in touch with your health instructor and ask them to help you out with those.

Medicine – There are several medicine about Heart-Burn. You can choose any one of that according to your doctors prescription. you can Buy Nexium for the treatment of this problem and Generic Colchicine is the famous online Medicine Store who can provide you this medicine at very cheap price.

These are some of the effective ways in which you can easily keep heart burn issues after bay. However if you find that the situation does not improve even after following all these steps then it would be wise to go and see a doctor.