Call Center Summer Job

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While many students are planning for the much coveted vacation this summer, some students are also planning to make this vacation more meaningful and productive by taking summer jobs. Summer jobs are part or full time temporary jobs that are contractual in nature usually lasting for a month or until the summer is over and especially targeting students.


Summer jobs are very beneficial for students not only for providing extra income for them this summer but more importantly for providing them professional experience which can help pad their resumes in the future when applying for work.

Most summer jobs available for students are as crews for restaurants or cafes, another more professionally suitable summer job is to work in the call center industry. The call center industry is one of the very few industries that allows employing students and college undergraduates because qualifications are very minimal. One simply needs to be conversant in English, willing to work at night or graveshift schedules and at least 18 years of age.

Many call center companies such as TeleTech, ePerformax, and Convergys, not only provides summer job vacancies for students but actually hires college undergraduates for work so long as they pass the rigid training provided by these call center companies. Still, other BPO companies hire working students to do part time work.

For those students interested to work in the call center industry as summer job, simply visit websites of different call center companies and check for their job postings. They can also coordinate with their local government to see other types of summer jobs available or visit the Department of Labor to check summer job vacancies open to students.

In applying for summer job, students should be ready with their resumes detailing background profile plus experiences or extra curricular activities in school. In some cases, their school ID’s may also be required in applying. A call center summer job can provide a very important professional experience for students to prepare themselves in whatever future career they may want to purse in the future. (Call Center Beat)