Latest Fashion Trends of 2013 for a Wedding


Bridal-Market-2013-CollageThe wedding day will undoubtedly be the most important day of your entire life. Hence, it is important that you make sure that every bit of it is arranged perfectly. The year 2013 has brought several breathtaking styles and trends for your D-day. You surely would not like to lag behind in your wedding style.

Wedding trends get updated with each passing year and that has been the same with 2013 as well. It is quite likely for couples to add a certain freshness into their wedding style other than just sticking to the all old styles. This article gives an insight to the wedding trends of 2013 with respect to wedding gowns,Fascinators and stylish décor.

Trendy Wedding Gowns

These are some of the most gorgeous gown styles of the year.

1.       Gowns with Sleeves

Long sleeved gowns became a popular wedding gown trend after Prince William got married to Kate Middleton. The present Duchess of Cambridge flaunted sleeves with her gown and since then the top-notch fashion designers have included this style in their collection after the royal wedding.

2.       Illusion Neckline

The silhouette of this gown, makes it look like a strapless one, making it one of the hottest trends of 2013. This gown offers a better coverage. With its help the dress gets to stay on place and hence you have less issues to worry about.

3.       Laced Wedding Gowns

One of the coolest wedding gown trends of the year is the gowns that have laces. The credit, yet again goes to Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.

4.       Colored Gowns

While the white gowns are the traditional dresses, couture from all over the world are willing to add colours to their designs.  2013 looks forward to gowns in light shaded pastels like blue, baby pink, mint etc.

5.       Sequined Gowns

Designers have always had an affinity for adding sequins to wedding gowns. They are however one of the latest trends of the year. With these sequins, even the most plainly designed wedding gown would look gorgeous.

Stylish Décor

1.       Metals

Wedding linens, which are soft in nature, are made all the more glamorous by the use of metals like brass or copper. They add a class to the overall look. Some of the metals more popularly used are gold, silver, brass or copper. Items like cutlery or chandeliers made of these metals are really popular

2.       Neutral Palettes

There have been a lot of work in making things even more sophisticated this year. Bright hues were used in the last season for the wedding linens. However, in 2013 hues like blush, cream, mint and neutral shades,Clip Fascinators are the ones that will be mostly used for decorating wedding linens. Most of the wedding rental supplies are going for this trend.

3.       Feathers

Peacock or ostrich feathers are highly in use this year for the decoration of guest tables. Almost all the major wedding rentals will offer them at the best affordable rates. Feathers are great and they add a certain class to the wedding décor.