2012 movies that can be best watched in HD


The year 2012 has been great for the film lovers. Hollywood has come up with some of the most outstanding scripts, overwhelming performances, larger than life characters, extra ordinary music, all contributing to the phenomenon called cinema. While Argo, Life of Pi and Lincoln stand out as the three best feature films made, this year has been great for animated films as well. Be it Brave, Frankeweenie or Wreck-It-Ralph, each has been a cinematic experience.

Most of this year’s films are bets watched in the high definition format. HD movie watching has an essence of its own and more so if the film has graphics like that of The Avengers or Life of Pi. Let us have a look at some of this year’s films that would look great when viewed in HD.

Life of PiLife of Pi

This film is undoubtedly the most magnificently made 3D picture till date. Ang Lee with his dream vision surpassed even Martin Scorsese tale of Hugo, as far as using the 3D technology is concerned. it would be a miss of a lifetime if one doesn’t watch it in HD. Normal DVDs will not give you the true essence of the grandeur portrayed in the film. Since the film is about a boy’s physical and spiritual journey, the sheer magnificence of the film reflects the grandness that divinity is.

The Avengers

This movie is completely different in essence from Life of Pi. The Avengers is an out and outThe Avengers superhero action film. However, one can say that, in the recent years when the popular trend among filmmakers is to adapt a superhero comic story on screen, The Avengers stand out as a family entertainer. At the heart of all the massive action set pieces Avengers is a feel good film. One of the best thing about The Avengers is that it brings more than one or two, superheroes into action together for the first time. The number of superheroes is six, as a matter of fact. moreover, each of these superheroes are less popular as compared to Spiderman, Superman or Batman, who have even until the recent past been ruling the silver screen. Unlike some of the recent screen adaptations of comic book characters, like The Green Lantern, which failed to perform fairly at the Box Office, The Avengers was a breath of fresh air.


Wreck-It-RalphThough Brave won the Academy Award for the best-animated film this year, Wreck-It-Ralph was undoubtedly one hell of a visual treat. It is one of those films, which deserve to be watched in HD. It is the story of a video game character who is on the brim of being frustrated of playing the bad guy. He remains uninvited at an anniversary party of the very game he is a part of. This drives him almost out of his mind and he decides to move into another game in order to prove his worth. He intends to win an award that only the best amongst the good guys can win. What happens next makes the plot all the more interesting.

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