Hi, I am Edmon Agron. My friends call me “Mon”. I am married and blessed with two daughters (as you can see on the photo). This little piece of work is dedicated to GOD and to my family.

I loved writing, photography, a little bit of video editing and computer programming. Because of these God’s given talents, I explored blogging, web designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization that eventually lead me to develop and create this website.

While working as development journalist (DevJourn) in one of the Philippine government’s research agency at that time, I sought for a space to store and keep my write-ups. I started worldngayon.com in 2011 just for repository purposes. However, eventually, I became fan of online media since then. Worldngayon.com then re-branded into eVolved signifying total change to its purpose to become a new online portal featuring development, technology and innovation, and other helpful insights from day to day experiences.

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I am sure you get here because you have something to share the world and I am glad to have you in our community.

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